Flour Chylde Bakery

Flour Chylde bakery is my usual spot if I’m going north towards Santa Rosa/Mendocino. One of the rare few dedicated gluten free bakeries in the Bay Area, this one has hands-down the best sweets. I absolutely love their “Rapture” cakes, which are a mixture of almond cake and chocolate. These completely divine sweets are my guilty pleasure on weekends away, and I’m lucky enough to be able to pick them up at the Campbell Farmers’ Market most Sundays.


So many GF treats!!

Other favorites include the pumpkin cupcake and the chocolate espresso cakes. The chocolate peanut butter cupcakes are also VERY good, in addition to amazing coffee cake, boules, baguettes and sandwich bread.


Rapture -just as delightful as it looks! Photo by Lisette.

You can also pick up a few select Flour Chylde treats at the Red Berry coffee shop in downtown Los Altos, although sadly, you won’t find the “Rapture” treat there.


A trio of delights from FlourChylde. Photo by Lisette.

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