Dining Decadence – Plumed Horse

I recently experienced the most exquisite meal at a restaurant I’ve long dreamed of visiting – the Plumed Horse. My lovely friend Marjorie organized this intimate gathering to celebrate her birthday and savor nine delectable courses in this venerable and renowned Saratoga restaurant.

Incredible Wine Room (1)

The glorious wine room. Photo credit: Lisette

The restaurant lies along the main street in Saratoga, close to several winery tasting rooms. This quaint town is nestled into the backdrop of the Santa Cruz Mountains, providing an idyllic scene for the well-to-do residents of the Silicon Valley. We were lucky enough to be able to sit at the chef’s table, with a full view of the inner workings of the kitchen. The restaurant also had a lovely bar, gorgeous glass wine room and stunning decor.

Course 1-4 (1)

First course: butter, salmon roll, halibut and risotto. Photo credit: Lisette

They were easily able to accommodate my Celiac-induced dietary restrictions, and my food was mostly on par with the rest of my party with a few exceptions. The first being that they did not have gluten free bread or any type or replacement. Since they brought out bread between courses, this left me quite hungry for the first half of the meal. The other exception was the soufflé course. By far the favorite of the table, this amazing looking crab souffle was replaced by a truffle risotto for me. While the risotto was delicious, it paled in comparison to the dish served to my companions.

Course 5-8 (1)

Next courses: abalone, filet mignon, cheeses and coconut sorbet. Photo credit: Lisette

My favorites from the meal included an amazing filet mignon, spectacular abalone, perfectly cooked lobster and raw halibut served in beautiful little rolls. The meal was amazing, and I’d highly recommend it, even if I was disappointed that a restaurant of this caliber (and cost) didn’t offer a gluten free bread alternative. Next time – I’d love to try the tasting menu with the wine pairings, I’m sure that would make the meal even more enticing.

Desserts (1)

Desserts and our lovely hostess! Photo credit: Lisette

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