San Pedro Square Market

I think it’s safe to say that San Pedro Square Market has turned the tide in downtown San Jose. This casual-yet-upscale style food court, live music venue and bar is an extremely popular spot among locals, neighbors and tourists. One of the things I love best about this market is that it’s a great spot to hang out pretty much any time of the day. In the morning, you can lounge and grab a quiet coffee at B2, and throughout the afternoon and evening you can enjoy a wide array of food and drink.


The Garage Bar inside San Pedro Square Market. Photo credit: Lisette

Live bands play at the market most weekends, particularly in the summer, and quiz nights on Mondays provide another form of fun, interactive entertainment. Gluten free options are plentiful. From pho at Phonomenal, to grilled meat at Bray (beware of marinades and stick to the GF BBQ sauce), baked potatoes at Spuds and arepas at Arepa’s & Mas, even the most restricted celiac can find variety and choice in this great urban market.

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