Art Boutiki

Have you ever been to the best kept secret in San Jose? Well, you should – and spread the word! Art Boutiki is a great music venue, art gallery and comic book store. Tucked away off The Alameda on Race Street just passed the infamous Flamingo Motel, this spot can be hard to find, but should not be missed. Most weekend nights, and often on Thursdays, Art Boutiki has several live acts that spread a wide range of musical styles. The venue has lofted ceilings, tables, a bar and couches at the back for a relaxed and easygoing vibe.

From “Drink and Draw” events, to election parties, live music and open mic nights, this place is has a small-town feel right in the heart of downtown San Jose. Once a month, they offer free jazz shows on Sunday afternoons. Refreshments, food and alcohol can be purchased during most events. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and updates from the Art Boutiki crew.

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