Point Reyes Backpacking – Wildcat Camp

Every fall, I enjoy a weekend of backpacking at Point Reyes National Seashore. My favorite camp, Wildcat, is just as hard to reserve as the coveted Coast Camp. In order to reserve at Wildcat, you have to make your reservation six months out, to the day, on the first day of your reservation - so … Continue reading Point Reyes Backpacking – Wildcat Camp

Henry Coe Backpacking – Poverty Flat

In the spring, one of the most convenient places to backpack nearby is Henry Coe State Park. The park is nestled in the hills east of Morgan Hill, behind Anderson Reservoir. The park is HUGE, with more than 87,000 acres of open space. In my last backpacking post at the park, I went to the … Continue reading Henry Coe Backpacking – Poverty Flat

Flour Chylde Bakery

Flour Chylde bakery is my usual spot if I’m going north towards Santa Rosa/Mendocino. One of the rare few dedicated gluten free bakeries in the Bay Area, this one has hands-down the best sweets. I absolutely love their “Rapture” cakes, which are a mixture of almond cake and chocolate. These completely divine sweets are my … Continue reading Flour Chylde Bakery

Burney Falls

For many years, I’ve heard about Burney Falls. It’s not too far from my annual family camping spot at Whiskeytown Lake, and I have a coworker who does her own yearly family camping trip at the falls. The college roommate of my best friend is from Burney. Somehow, I have never gotten the opportunity to … Continue reading Burney Falls